Since 2015, the Bay Area Chapter has advanced The Climate Reality Project’s mission at a regional and local level. We empower Climate Leaders, support them in their climate action work, and involve members of the public. The Chapter holds regular meetings and offers in-depth training sessions exclusively for Climate Leaders.

We must, we can, and we will solve the climate crisis.

Policy Action


Target governing bodies and policies that address leading greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions culprits in California, including efforts to support more clean energy and clean transportation. This includes “bottom up” efforts such as convincing individual entities to commit to 100% renewable energy as well as “top down” efforts such as California or regional legislation. Get involved with the Policy Action Team.

Member Engagement


A multi-pronged effort aimed at building a cohesive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, influential and skilled group of activists and activities to participate in. These programs include member education/training, social events like meetups, working groups (based on geography and interest), and opportunities with partner organizations. In 2019, we’re continuing to “get more local” by creating action groups in Marin, East Bay, and San Francisco which can get together regularly and support activism at the grassroots level. Join the chapter and you’ll be connected to your local group and be among the first to learn about events.

  • Quarterly Meetups

  • Bootcamps

Member Services

Provides services to hundreds, and soon thousands, of chapter members via managing our web site, newsletter, social media, online meetings, file sharing, funds, presentation support, and more. Interested in operations? Join the Member Services Team.