Solving the climate crisis is up to us and our collective action. We’ve compiled a list of ideas with action steps you can take right now with other chapter members, as a citizen, in your community, and in your home and life to help combat climate change. Joining the Bay Area Chapter is the first step in joining a seasoned group of climate activists.

With Other Chapter Members

  • Form a chapter working group in your Bay Area county

  • Form or join a chapter interest group - like the Business Working Group 

  • Approach your city, county, or other governing body, about going 100% renewable, with other chapter members

  • Collaborate on a presentation with other trained leaders in your area

As a citizen

in your community

  • Encourage your church and volunteer groups to go green & purchase solar panels/tiles 

  • Join climate activist groups - Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL),, Sierra Club, etc. 

  • Actively participate in climate rallies held in your city and region 

  • Join or start a community garden

In Your Home and Life

  • Buy green cleaning products such as non-toxic cleansers, toiletries, etc. 

  • Turn off and unplug appliances, lamps, TVs, computers, etc. when not in use 

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED lights and track your savings

  • Choose 100% renewable energy option with your county CCE clean energy utility 

  • Reduce food waste & create a compost bin to recycle waste to generate new soil 

  • Eat less meat. Eat a more local, organic, plant-based diet. Try Meatless Mondays.  

  • Drive less (opt for a hybrid, electric, or hydrogen car when possible). Car pool. Walk or bike more. Use public mass transit where available. 

  • Divest from your portfolio stocks in fossil fuel companies featuring oil, gas, and coal  

  • Invest in renewable energy public companies such as SunRun, Tesla, etc. 

  • Landscape gardens with drought-resistant plants and add additional trees 

  • Choose plastic-free alternative products 

  • Schedule a free energy audit on your home with your local utility 

  • Swap-out old appliances and buy Energy Star models and run them off-hours 

  • Insulate your home & install double-pane windows to prevent heat loss 

  • Use bamboo wood, which sequesters a lot of carbon, when renovating your home

  • Conserve water by collecting water in shower and kitchen to water your garden 

  • Flush toilets less frequently and reduce water tank volume 

  • Use rain barrels to collect excess water coming off your roof during storms 

  • Use less heat in the winter and less air conditioning in the summer at home 

  • Regularly replace old filters on heaters, dryers, and other appliances 

  • Use a programmable thermostat to save energy when you are not at home 

  • Install solar tiles or panels for your rooftop to generate renewable electricity